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Our Southwest Podiatry Office

Our Southwest office is located in the southern corridor of Ocala at 3300 SW 33rd Road, Ocala, FL 33447. We use some of the most advanced technology to address your foot care issues.

On average, 33% of seniors have mobility issues and face difficulty climbing 10 ten steps. We believe that getting the proper treatment such as diabetic foot care in Marion will improve your health.

We use solutions like digital x-rays, ultrasounds, and non-invasive vascular testing to treat peripheral artery disease and venous insufficiency.

Both conditions are when your blood has trouble flowing to your legs and feet. The symptoms include pain, swelling, cramps, discoloration, or sores that will not heal.

We recommend visiting with us about these issues if you are over the age of 50. Some the most common things that increase your exposure to both include high blood pressure or diabetes. Diabetes foot pain in Marion is common with peripheral artery disease and venous insufficiency.

The Southwest Office works with seniors to treat and improve their condition. We understand how these diseases can impact your mobility and lifestyle.

Dr. Armando Gonzalez is a board-certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine. He participates and is a member of multiple podiatric societies.

We offer on-site physical therapy and work with you every step of the way to get you back to normal. Our experience, knowledge, and personal care are what make the difference.

We are located behind the Shoppes of Paddock Park. Contact us today and change your life for the better.

Call Us Today and Feel Better!

Marion County Podiatry is here for you. Both locations focus on giving compassionate, affordable care, using the latest in advanced biologics in Marion County. Call our Southwest office at 352-873-3332 or our Northeast Office at 352-351-4444 today and see how we can make a difference

We are local and will give you the best solutions to deal with those issues impacting your lower body and mobility. Most forms of insurance are accepted and you are working with two of the top Podiatrists in Florida.

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